About Us

Anthony Nicholson (Nicho)

WHO | I am a family man. I am logical, practical and dependable. I love all sport. I am the proud father of 3 amazing children. I am a massive Bruce Springsteen fan. I love to run but my knees don’t. Hiking adventures with my family is my happy place. I am a traveller. I love to win but know there’s probably more to gain from losing.

WHAT | I am a rock that knows the importance of change. I advocate for young people. I am a mentor. For over twenty years I have encouraged and pushed and watched as young people discover their power. I am a facilitator of human potential. 

WHY | Life is not a dress rehearsal. We are capable of more than we think. I believe in a world where our future leaders (big or small) embrace and practice ethical leadership. Because I care, I can make a difference. 

Mel Nicholson

WHO | I am a woman. A hiker. A world traveller. A wife to my real life super hero. I am a lover of the outdoors, adventure and the mountains. I am a proud mother to many (but only gave birth to 3!). I listen/dance/sing to any music, as long as its loud.  I love the lessons that discomfort teaches.

WHAT | I am a story teller. An experiential educator. I love to cook and sew. I am an expedition leader and group facilitator. I am a role model. I take people out of their comfort zones, wipe their tears and enjoy watching them grow. I don’t answer questions, you  actually already know the answer. I genuinely care.

WHY | For the love of the journey. Because I want to live deliberately. For the adventure, the people I meet and their stories. Because I won’t settle. To motivate and inspire people to reach their full potential. Because I can.

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