Our Vision 

We will empower and connect people through shared experiences to develop genuine ethical leadership.

Our Mission 

The Mandala Project was created to deliver leadership development training with impact. Our mission is to motivate and inspire others to achieve personal and professional success.

Who we are 

We offer significant industry experience in developing and leading international expeditions, facilitating youth leadership programs and building teams. We are experiential educators who care deeply about developing others, are driven by a belief in human potential and value integrity above all else.

The Mandala 

Mandala literally translated means circle – it is a spiritual symbol representing the interconnectedness of all things.  It has no beginning or end but is a continuous journey (of self discovery).

The mandala or medicine wheel has appeared in numerous indigenous cultures around the world; Native American, African, Celtic, and Tibetan, among others.  These cultures share unmistakable similarities in their views of what it takes to be an effective human being.

Their views typically consisted of four intelligence’s that were portrayed in a diagram of the cardinal directions of the compass. This framework has provided a guide for personal growth and effectiveness that has withstood the test of time for thousands of years.