Trainee Development Program

Trainee Development 2020

3-Day Leadership Retreat | An intensive introduction to the fundamentals of leadership. This is a retreat style program with an overnight stay in basic accommodation. Sessions include (but are not limited to) topics below;

Leadership Communication Challenge
Introvert/Extrovert profiling  

Leadership Archetypes

Team Dynamics

Asset Mapping



Effective communication

Toolbox of games, initiatives and debriefing skills.

Presentation Techniques



A small team-based initiative to apply skills from previous sessions.  


Outcomes |  

  • self-awareness of how they work within a small team in a pressure environment and the strategies they can put in place to work and lead more effectively as a team member;
  • practical experience and a toolbox of professional resources;
  • a greater understanding of the type of leader they are and the implications this has for their career trajectory and leadership capacity;
  • an understanding of the importance of effective communication; group dynamics and values.

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