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Boys Program

Program Background | With significant issues affecting young men’s health and wellbeing, researchers stress the importance of ‘urgent preventative programs’ for boys to reverse alarming trends in alcohol and illicit drug use, as well as mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and suicide. All these negative social trends are implicated as being precursors to larger societal adult issues including, domestic violence, alcohol fueled violence, poor long-term health and long-term unemployment. And perhaps more shockingly, suicide is by far the highest cause of death for young males aged 17 – 24 years in Australia. 

There is research that shows subjective wellbeing and happiness at 12 years old is quite high, and then there’s a massive drop in the middle teenage years. Arne Rubinstein – founder of The Pathways Foundation says “It’s a very dangerous time. We need to be doing stuff with these boys when they are 12 and 13, when they are going great. Because we need them great!”. And here at The Mandala Project, we couldn’t agree more.

Purpose | Our Boys Program aims to develop emotionally intelligent and self-aware young men with regards to masculinity, gender equality and respectful relationships. Possibilities for the our sessions could be chosen from (but is not limited to) the following list ; rituals into manhood, stereotypes, values, body image, the importance of positive male role models, drug and alcohol use and social media. The program ideally begins with a Father & Son Breakfast for the boys and their father or a significant male guardian. And will conclude with an overnight camp out for the boys with their male guardians. 

Outcomes |

Empower | Targeted facilitated sessions will build the foundation for future open discussions between boys and their fathers around healthy respectful relationships and pathways into manhood with self-awareness and confidence.

Connect | Bringing boys together with their fathers to discuss ‘secret men’s business’ will create opportunities to share stories, talk and grow together. Developing a deeper connection between each other and what it means to be a ‘real’ man. It will be a technology free connection. 

Shared Experience | The sessions will be time spent deliberately with the boys and their fathers and others on the same journey. They will share challenges, their story and a tent. There is great power in simply spending time and sharing an experience, the outcomes of which, are immeasurable.

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Youth Leadership – 1 Day Interactive Workshop


Program Overview | The Student Leadership Development program aims to provide a theoretical and practical knowledge base on leadership, communication and team building. Our immersive learning activities will empower students by developing their understanding of leadership skills.

The schools values and objectives will be woven into the program to establish clear behaviours and leadership role expectations.

Leadership | Our introduction to Leadership Archetypes builds the foundation for developing capable, confident and motivated school leaders.

Challenge | Team-based initiatives enable students to apply learning immediately. Challenges encourage growth, connection and help build resilience.

Communication | Effective communication, debriefing and open, honest conversations will enhance skills.

Team Dynamics | Introvert/extrovert profiling and asset mapping will build leadership capacity.

Outcomes |

  • self-awareness of how they work within a small team and the strategies they can put in place to work and lead more effectively as a SRC member;
  • a greater understanding of the type of leader they are and the implications this has for their leadership capacity;
  • an understanding of the importance of effective communication; group dynamics and values.

Morning Session 




Afternoon Session


Introvert/Extrovert profiling

Asset Mapping

Leadership Styles


        Lunch Activity      


Effective communication

A small team-based initiative to apply new skills.


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