Father & Son Program

Fathering with Purpose

Our FATHERING WITH PURPOSE 3 day program is for young men aged 12 – 15 & their father or a male guardian. Through a series of adventure activities, an overnight hike, campfire conversations & some classified ‘SECRET MEN’S BUSINESS’ the program aims to empower dad’s to guide and raise real men. This will be an opportunity to get away, share stories & create memories.

Program Outcomes

EMPOWER | This program aims to encourage fathering with a purpose. The purpose is to empower, guide and raise real men, not boys. The program will build the foundation for future discussion, healthy (respectful) relationships and the pathway into manhood.

CONNECT | Bringing fathers and sons together for this 3 day journey of ‘secret men’s business’ will create opportunities to talk, laugh, connect and grow. It will be a ‘technology free’ connection.

SHARED EXPERIENCE | You will be sharing your father and son adventure with other families who are on their own journey. You will share stories, challenges and a tent! The program will be time spent deliberately with your son and will be facilitated by two fathers.

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