Border Mail Post 26 Aug 2018

AUGUST 25 2018 – 1:00PM

The Mandala Project’s father/son and leadership programs aim to bring life full circle

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FOLLOWING THEIR DREAM: Mel and Anthony Nicholson, of Killara, continue to align their careers and their passions through The Mandala Project. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE

Combine fathers, sons, fresh air, physical challenges and no screens for a recipe to promote conversations and connections.

A three-day program at Falls Creek in October aims to achieve just that for teenage boys (12 to 15 years) and their fathers or male guardians.

It’s a cornerstone of a new venture by Killara couple Mel and Anthony Nicholson, The Mandala Project, a company devoted to expanding human potential.

With many years’ experience in outdoor education and youth development between them, Mr and Mrs Nicholson came up with their concept in February and thought “we’d break away and do what we love”.

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‘If your actions create a

legacy that inspires others to

dream more, learn more, do more,

and become more

then, you are an excellent leader.’

Dolly Parton

In the beginning…

Our first story or link to a story on here was written about our latest adventure, but there’s a back story behind how a family with three small children, take their nephew and travel to what most would consider a less then ‘child friendly’ destination. And so really, I should start at the beginning…

I have been hiking since I was 17 years old. Full disclosure, it was a love/hate relationship at first. It started on a 22 day Outward Bound Australia Challenge Course in the ACT. I hated it so much, I considered breaking my own arm to get out of completing it. I dragged myself through the experience until the day my team and I got to the top of Mt Morgan. A goal that we were told was unattainable due to time constraints. There’s nothing more motivating than being told you can’t do something, so we dug deep, we walked as a pack, encouraged each other and we made it!

That moment, of being on top and having achieved the impossible with my team, was such an overwhelming sense of accomplishment that I cried. I was wrung out, emotional, and I stunk. But I was also ecstatic, thrilled to be where I was in that moment. Everything I’d been through to get there, all of it forgotten. I was on top of the highest mountain I had ever climbed!

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